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Pricing and Invoicing

BorgBase uses a combination of fixed and variable billing. First you would choose a plan, based on your overall backup needs. Currently we offer the following plans:

Available Plans

  • Free plan: Includes 10 GB backup space
  • Small plan: Includes 100 GB backup space
  • Medium plan: Includes 1 TB backup space
  • Large plan: Includes 2 TB backup space

For full details on current plans, see the frontpage or checkout page.

Flexible Ex-Post Billing

Once you are on a plan, you can also use a flexible quota of up to 3x the space included in your base plan and only pay what you actually use. E.g.:

You choose the small plan, which includes 100 GB with an overall limit of 400 GB (100 GB + 300 GB flexible quota). The first 100 GB are included in your plan. Then, if you need more space on a short-term basis, you can use the flexible quota and pay-as-you-go.

Additional data is calculated on a daily basis and you can view your daily usage and total overage cost under Account > Billing. An invoice will be generated, once the amount is high enough or when you renew your plan.

Custom Plans

If our pre-set plans are too small for you, we are happy to create a custom plan for you. To do so, just send a short email to

Changing Plans

If you find that your current plan is not a good fit, despite the flexible quota, you can always change your plan. To do so, just choose a different plan during checkout. The new plan will replace your current plan right away and unusued time will be pro-rated.