Pricing and Invoicing

BorgBase uses a combination of fixed and variable billing. First you would choose a plan, based on your overall backup needs. See the front page for current plans and pricing.

Flexible Ex-Post Billing

Once you are on a plan, you can also use a flexible quota of up to 3x the space included in your base plan and only pay what you actually use. E.g.:

You choose the small plan, which includes 100 GB with an overall limit of 400 GB (100 GB + 300 GB flexible quota). The first 100 GB are included in your plan. Then, if you need more space on a short-term basis, you can use the flexible quota and pay-as-you-go.

Additional data is calculated on a daily basis and you can view your daily usage and total overage cost under Account > Billing. An invoice will be generated, once the amount is high enough or when you renew your plan.

Custom Plans

If our pre-set plans are too small for you, we are happy to create a custom plan for you. To do so, just send a short email to

Changing Plans

If you find that your current plan is not a good fit, despite the flexible quota, you can always change your plan. To do so, just choose a different plan during checkout. The new plan will replace your current plan right away and unused time will be pro-rated.

Other Fees

There are no other fees outside of paying for the initial plan storage and any additional flexible storage you may use. We don’t charge upload, download or API calls. Please don’t abuse this. If we notice unusually high traffic, connections or disk activity for your repo, we will contact you to make you aware of the issue. This would e.g. happen for a CRON job that accidentally runs every minute.