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BorgBase Documentation Centre

All the resources you need to develop a comprehensive backup strategy with BorgBase and apply it in your environment.

Steps to Get Started

Your Backup Strategy and Data

Even the best tools need a sound strategy. Get started by creating an inventory of your important data assets, catalog where they are stored and discover potential issues in backup workflows. More…

Sign up with BorgBase

BorgBase is a dedicated hosting service for Borg backup repositories. It allows you to manage all your backups in one place and use powerful Borg features, like append-only mode in a simple way. You get 10 GB free backup space after signing up (no credit card required).

Local Borg Setup

Borg Backup works with most operating systems, like Linux, macOS and Windows WSL. For servers and headless systems, look into our Command Line Setup Guide. For desktops, we recommend using our desktop client, Vorta.


Use our GraphQL API or Ansible role to automate repeated setup steps on client endpoints.

Restore Data from a Backup

The most important step: How to restore files from a Borg Backup. More…

Contribute and Customize

Borg and most other tools we provide are fully open source. You can customize and improve them to a degree that wouldn’t be possible with commercial products. Look at our Github page for ongoing open source development.