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We provide a ready-to-use Ansible role to install Borg, Borgmatic and a cron job on a Linux client (tested on Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS/Fedora) client. Example usage in a playbook:

- hosts: webservers
  - role: m3nu.ansible_role_borgbackup
    borg_encryption_passphrase: CHANGEME
      - /srv/www
      - /var/lib/automysqlbackup

Steps to use this role:

  1. Install via Ansible Galaxy or clone Github repository into your roles folder.
  2. Add a new repository without SSH key in BorgBase
  3. Replace Borg passphrase, repository URL and source directories in your playbook
  4. Run playbook against client host. A new SSH key will be created and displayed.
  5. Add new SSH key in BorgBase.
  6. Run borgmatic init --encryption repokey-blake2 to validate the connection and initialize the new repository.

Learn more on the Github page of the project.

Interacting with the BorgBase API via Ansible

Andy Hawkins has created a range of Ansible modules that interact with the BorgBase API for a fully automated setup. They allow adding a repository or SSH key to BorgBase. Install it from Ansible Galaxy:

$ ansible-galaxy collection install adhawkins.borgbase

For more details see the Github repo or the module documentation.

Have any other questions? Email Us!